Accommodation Search Service


What is it

The EAE Business School wants to facilitate the arrival and stay of its students in Barcelona and Madrid through this accommodation search service where the student would be able to find different accommodation options such sharing apartment, flats or student residences. The accommodations have been validated by the EAE team to meet the quality criteria that characterize us. We have also created a section with tips that will help you to plan your arrival to Spain if you come from abroad, the specifics of the rental agreements in Spain as well as some guides for each city.

Who is this for?

Only students enrolled in EAE WILL have the option to contact the advertiser. The Student Identification Number will be requested.

Individuals, agencies and student housings can publish their ads free of charge.



How does it work?

Access to the EAE accommodation service is free of charge for any Individuals, agency or student housing but only students enrolled in EAE will be able to contact advertisers.

If you are an EAE student, you only need your Student Identification Number and your contact information to request information about the ad you are interested in.

Whether you are a student enrolled or if you are thinking of studying at EAE, in this site we will help you to make easier your arrival to Madrid or Barcelona.

Posting an ad

To post an ad you need to have at least the following information prepared:

  • Apartment/room Description
  • Price
  • Main picture – will show as results
  • Additional pictures for the gallery
  • Contact information. This information won´t be published and only students enrolled will be able to contact the advertiser.

Ads can be deleted or interrupted as needed.

Ads are reviewed before being published.

Posting an AD

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