Before your arrival to Spain


NOT U.E Residents students


General information for international students NOT belonging to the EU:

Students from non-EU countries whose period of stay exceeds three months, must apply for a study visa at the Spanish embassy or consulate in their country. Family members accompanying a student or student during their stay in Spain must obtain a student family visa.


It is a must that the visa requested in the country of origin be FOR STUDENTS, and NOT as a TOURIST

If the studies to be carried out in Spain have a duration of less than 6 (six) months, it is possible that the consulate or the embassy of Spain will issue a study visa with the specification “STUDIES, 180 DAYS TOTAL”

This type of visa makes it impossible to obtain a student card in Spain later. Therefore, it only entitles you to a stay in Spain for studies of a total duration of 180 days, and under no exception is there the possibility of extending said period. The student must return to their country of origin after 180 days.


How can I apply for my study visa?

You must apply for a study visa at the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country. Do not delay the visa application. Start NOW to request what information and documents are required. In most embassies and consulates it takes a minimum of 3 (THREE) MONTHS to complete the process.

Each Spain embassy or consulate has its own requirements and procedure.


List of the documentation that is usually required to apply for the study visa:

  • Visa application form
  • Tax payment
  • Original letter of enrolment (as an exchange student or – as a regular student – in the corresponding master’s, doctoral or postgraduate program. Once you formalize your registration, we will send you the registration certificate in PDF. Three before the start of the Program we will send you the original signed and stamped by the Secretary General of the institution).
  • Criminal record certificate in your country.
  • Certificates or other documentation proving that you have financial support for your stay in Spain.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Accommodation in Barcelona.


It is possible that other documents that are not on this list may be required by the Spanish embassy or consulate. Therefore, please contact the Spanish embassy or consulate directly in your country


Information sources:

Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña: 

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Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores: 

> Entry requirements for foreigners 



Once you are in Spain and within 1 month, remember to start the TIE process: Foreigners Identification Card.

> More information for TIE Request. Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores.


Otras hojas informativas:

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U.E Citizens

General information for international students belonging to the EU:

If you are a student of the European Union and you are going to stay in Spain for more than three months, you must complete the registration process in the Community Register:

> How to make the application  (Policía Nacional) 

More information (UPC)

EU citizens and their families, provided that the latter travel or meet with said citizens, are subject to a specific legal regime derived from the rights recognized by the Treaties