Advertisers help


Who can post ads?

The owner or authorized property manager who is interested in offering a room or flat for rent to students of the School and that is located either in Madrid or in Barcelona.

How to contact the student?

When the student finds a place that he/she is interested in, they will have to complete and submit a form containing their contact information where the advertised will be able to reach the student

What is minimum information I need to post an ad?

Location of the floor and pictures of the place.  There will be additional fields to describe the apartment/room characteristics, such square footage, amenities and other information that could be of interest for the applicant.  On the other hand, it’s required to include contact information. This information won´t be published and only students enrolled will be able to contact the advertiser.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No. This service is completely free.

Who validates the ads?

EAE Business School will be responsible to validate the information provided by the advertiser.

I have a student housing. How do I register the rooms?

At the time of registering the room/place, you must indicate that they are part of a Student housing.

If you have any further question don't hesitate to contact us!